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Rebel Apparel is co-founded by Tyler and Kelsey Schwanz.  Our lives began to change course the day we learned the truth about Buffalo vs. Cattle! Sound strange? The seemingly insignificant way these two animals approach oncoming fear differently, began a metaphorical journey and personal mantra that has changed the way we approach life and all of its challenges. To "Be the Buffalo," is to charge forward. To "Be the Buffalo" is to approach life with boldness and courage. To "Be the Buffalo" is to not let fear dictate your life.  

It was this notion of "Being the Buffalo," that inspired us to create Rebel Apparel.  We wanted our exceptional Herd of "movers and shakers" to stand out. While living an intentional life, why not wear clothes that represent your beliefs?

In a world where conformity (cattle) is rewarded, it is a rebellious act to go against the grain (buffalo) in search of a better way--a better life.  We choose to rebel.

We currently live in Grand Rapids, OH, have a three-year-old, Ellet, and a one-year-old, Holden, (whom we adore!) and we enjoy traveling, getting outdoors, exploring new foods, building the rebel culture and providing exceptional chiropractic care to our community at our office: Rebel Chiropractic. 

Want to carry Rebel Apparel in your store?  Please send wholesale inquiries to info@myrebelwear.com